Complete your conference room, waiting room or home interior with our visitor, cantilever and office chairs! Conference chairs with authentic leather upholstery and featuring ergonomic design - from the classic conference chair to our urbane professional range. We also offer stackable chairs for private or commercial use. An extensive range at our usual bargain prices! For more information on conference and visitor chairs, please refer to the page footing.
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Visitor Chairs – Cantilever Chairs

A modern visitor chair is an eye-catching and inviting piece of furniture, yet it is equally practical. It serves as a comfortable seat in your office space, conference space, practice or law firm, as well as at trade fairs and business conferences. Whether you prefer the classic, sleek look or a model with upholstered armrests for added comfort, you are guaranteed to find the perfect chair at HJH Office.

A Highlight at Home

The trend is clear: people are abandoning traditional product classifications and place conference chairs in the lounge room, the guest room or even at the dinner table. Also note that lounge and dining chairs are now often used in waiting areas and meeting rooms.

Stackable Chairs

Many of our visitor chairs can be stacked and stored to save space. A priceless advantage, particularly if you need to store the seating for a large room at intervals. Have a look at our economical stack sets, such as the unbelievably affordable XT 600.

Cantilever Chairs

If a chair is designed without back legs, allowing the seat to yield under the user’s weight, it is often called a cantilever chair. The cantilever acts as a suspension mechanism, cushioning the movements of the user. Stability is assured even without back legs, as weight is transferred into the back-leg-replacing skids via the front legs of the chair. The skids create a large area of support, preventing the chair from tipping backwards.