An ergonomic children's chair makes study fun. These chairs feature an extensive range of settings (e.g. height-adjustability) to adjust to a growing user. Available in various colours and designs. Keep reading for the criteria of an ergonomic children's chair, including the influence on posture and learning/study behaviour.
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The Right Kid’s Chair Combines Health and Fun

From their most tender years, boys and girls spend several hours a day sitting at a desk doing homework, arts and crafts and playing video games. A desk chair must therefore fulfil various functions: it should promote ergonomic posture, “grow” with its user, and of course, appeal to the child and fit into the homework area.

Growing Swivel Chairs

Height adjustability and an adjustable backrest allow a chair to “grow” with its user and adapt to individual requirements. A height-adjustable children’s desk is the perfect complement to a “growing” swivel chair.

Proper Posture – Make Learning Fun

Your child’s swivel chair and desk should be considered a unit. The height of the chair and desk should be adjusted as follows: the hips should be positioned 90° to the knees, which should in turn be 90° to the calves and ankles. The height of the chair should allow the arms to rest on the desk at 90°, enabling the child to work in a relaxed manner.

To guarantee optimal posture in the long term, parents should regularly check that the desk and chair are adjusted correctly. Following these guidelines will safeguard against postural problems and back pain. For more information on ergonomic posture, please go to our “Customer Support” section.