Don't neglect the question of appropriate office chair castors. Do you require hard or soft surface castors? Remember to consider the castor and pin size of your office chair, which is listed under every product description. Most office chairs are originally fitted with carpet castors. These are made of hard materials and are optimal for deep- and middle-pile carpets. Under circumstances, however, they can scratch or permanently damage harder floors. As such, we recommend additional hard surface castors for office mats as well as for tile, parquet, laminate and PVC floors. Hard floor casters are fitted with a slip-resistant layer and are somewhat softer than carpet castors, enabling you to glide effortlessly at work. Enjoy effortless and safe movement. Please follow the link below for more information on office chair castors:
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Office Chair Castors – Making the Right Choice

Our swivel chairs are predominantly fitted with carpet floor castors (the castor a chair is fitted with is specified in the product description). Carpet floor castors are made of synthetics and can easily produce light scratches on hard floors. Carpet floor castors are ideally suited to soft floors (e.g. medium- and long-pile carpets).

We recommend hard floor castors for floors such as laminate, parquet, tiles and stone, and even short-pile industrial carpets. Hard floor castors have a special rubber coating that protects your valuable flooring against scratches.

Some chairs in our range are equipped with multipurpose castors, which can be used for hard and soft floors. If a chair is fitted with multi-purpose castors, this will be listed in the product description.

Pin Size and Castor Diameter

Our castors come in two sizes, either 10/50mm (millimetres) or 11/65 mm. This indicates the pin size and castor diameter, respectively.

Office chair castors generally have a pin size of either 10mm or 11mm thickness. Please make sure to purchase the correct-sized pin, it will only fit into a suitable chair. The easiest way to find appropriate castors for your office chair or executive chair is to go to its product page, matching accessories and specifications such as castor size are displayed.

Castors have a diameter of either 50mm or 65mm. As with pin size, please be aware to choose the correct-sized castor for your chair. Normally, castors bigger than 50mm are not a problem, but smaller castors are incompatible.