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Office chair – ergonomic seating

Many hours are spent sitting during a normal working day – We actually spend more time sitting than laying in bed. For a healthy back it is therefore essential, to make informed choices regarding your chair.

Modern office chairs support healthy, dynamic sitting with lumbar supports, armrests, headrests and specialized mechanisms. It is important that the chair is individually adjustable for your height and weight. Most suitable are those features such as a height adjustable backrest or variable armrest positions.Large or heavy framed individuals need an XXL-Chair which exactly fulfils their respective requirements.

An ergonomic office chair can be reasonably priced and still be of high quality - as shown for many years by hjh OFFICE. Our experts are always looking for modern, affordable and elegant executive and swivel chairs. Browse through our wide range of products to find just the right chair for you.

Extensive range of furniture

Work stools and standing/sitting stools are usually mobile and less bulky than office chairs and suitable for example, at a workbench, in the lab or the doctor's Office. Note the low-maintenance materials and high stability.

Chairs without castors are used mostly as visitor chairs in the waiting area. There are classical models with legs or cantilever.

An ergonomic workplace for homework and handicrafts is particularly important for children. We offer many kids desk chairs that grow with your child.


Floor mats protect your floor and ensure an optimal rolling performance. Hard floor castors are suitable for tiles, parquet and laminate floors. Footrests promote dynamic sitting and provide relaxation even when working long hours.